Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Notes from Nyssaneala

Over at Nyssaneala's blog Book Haven, there's a post listing all the Sydney Taylor winners, followed by some interesting comments. Thought you might like to see how folks are responding to the award, and perhaps check out their blogs as well!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...
Holy heck, I've never heard of these awards! I'd better get busy making notes of titles and authors and figuring out how much money I can spend on yet more books...At least if I run out of room here at home, I can donate them to the Temple and visit them there.

Nyssaneala said...
susan - I'm glad I could enlighten you! I only learned about the award a month ago when I read a picture book that won the award. I will be getting a book each week from the library off of this list to read to my daughter. I hope to review many of those books here.

Since Judaism is still new to me (my hubby is Jewish, and we are raising our daughter Jewish), Jewish children's lit is a whole undiscovered literary delight!

gautami tripathy said...
You are going to make me bankrupt! As a school teacher, I do not earn much either!BTW, I added you to my blogroll.

Kathe said...
This years marks the 40th anniversary of the book award presented by the Association of Jewish Libraries. I've just written an article about how many of these books have also been recognized with Newbery and Caldecott Honors. I am spending the year reading previous winners. You can see the lists of them at

Kathe Pinchuck, Chair
Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee
Association of Jewish Libraries


Nyssaneala said...

Thanks for highlighting my post here!

Nyssaneala said...

Oh, I forgot to add, thank you for the link to PJlibraries. Unfortunately, they are not available in Maryland, which somewhat surprised me since there is such a large Jewish community here. Too bad, that looks like such a great resource for families!

And, your blog is on my blogger feed, so I do keep track of it!