Tuesday, June 23, 2009

STBA Convention Podcasts

Each year at the Association of Jewish Libraries convention, the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee gets together to do a panel review of recent Jewish books for kids and teens. It takes the whole morning, and there are usually at least 100 people in attendance. It's a lively event in which committee members praise books, deconstruct books, disagree with each other, and share lots of honest opinions. The session usually includes guest appearance by recent award winners as well.

At the 2008 Association of Jewish Libraries convention in Cleveland, Ohio, we recorded the committee's presentation, as well as the talks given by Sarah Gershman & Kristina Swarner (author & illustrator of The Bedtime Sh'ma, which won a gold in the Younger Readers category) and Sonia Levitin (author of Strange Relations, which won gold for Teen Readers). These recordings (and many others) are available via the AJL Podcast at jewishlibraries.org/podcast.

Click here for the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee's panel "Adventures in Book Reviewing"

Click here for Sarah Gershman and Kristina Swarner (The Bedtime Sh'ma)

Click here for Sonia Levitin (Strange Relations)

The 2009 AJL Convention will be held July 5-8 in Chicago, IL, and once again we will be recording sessions for podcasting.